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HUD Guidance Limits Use of Criminal Records for Landlords
HUD's (Department of Housing and Urban Development) Office of General Counsel issued guidance that will have far-reaching impact on landlords and the multi-housing and property management industries.
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Mitigate Risk Caused by Renter Damage
By implementing an insurance requirement within the lease agreement, apartment communities can mitigate their risk and reduce their expenses from resident-caused damage.
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Coins, Credit Cards, and Smart Phones: Which is Best for Your Laundry?
Throughout the years washer and dryer prices have risen and payment preferences have greatly changed. Consumers no longer carry cash and want the option to pay with whatever is in their pocket.
You Heard WHAT About Smart Home Technology?
By definition, programmable means “it” will do whatever you want it to do. Programmable devices, smart-home technology, the Internet of Things, or whatever term an apartment owner or operator chooses, are testing the definition of what it means to be programmable.
Data Mining for Marketers: Turning Information Into Action
Data is available by the truckload. How can apartment marketers turn the crunched numbers into action to improve the digital marketing programs of their apartment communities?
Why Yelp Matters for Property Managers
Most people equate with restaurants and hotel reviews. Yet, the third most popular use for this site is to look up and review home and local services like apartments.
NAA Annual Report
The National Apartment Association had a record year in 2015, representing 8.1 million apartment homes, 69,000 members and 170 affiliates.
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MagnaLatch® ALERT is the world’s safest pool gate latch and alarm. Users can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, whenever a gate is not fully latched and secured. MagnaLatch® ALERT meets all pool standards. It combines D&D Technologies’ magnetic gate latching technology with a dual alarm system. It also offers dual battery operated warnings: bright, flashing LED lights and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is left unlatched or open. Learn more
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Addressing the Problem of Package Delivery
Apartment owners are paying a lot more attention to resident package delivery, having recovered from the largest days of online shopping in history during last winter’s holidays season and seeing a steady up-tick in package delivery since.